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        .........Return    Shenzhen Dali Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in   R & D, production and sales of batteries, existing products covered by lithium manganese, zinc manganese and silver oxide button cell; alkaline battery disposable carbon column two column; Ni MH battery and rechargeable battery, charging spot group and other four series of more than and 50 varieties.
    10 years after the battery Daly technology manufacturing experience, established in Changzhou city production, research and development in modern industrial park. Has a number of advanced automatic production lines from Japan, the plant area of 18000 square meters, annual production of various types of battery capacity more than 200 million.
   Dali technology has become a member of Chinese Battery Industry Association, the quality of products to meet the requirements of the implementation of the EU "ROSH" "SGS" and "Intertek" certification, full compliance with European clients on the environmental requirements of the battery safety performance; the United States through the "UL" certification.
   Dali technology choice materials, superior quality, is a large number of domestic and foreign famous household appliance enterprises by supporting or OEM won a good reputation in the industry. Dali technology production self brand also sells Japanese brand batteries in Japan, Matsushita, MITSUBISHI "MITSUBISHI" "Panasonic", "TOSHIBA", Toshiba Wansheng "maxell", "Renata" and other international brands of batteries.

Shenzhen Dali Technology Co. Ltd.
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